Notes from the meeting: Salvation

Everyone’s favorite question seems to be: “Do you Catholics think you are the only ones going to heaven?”
Until you know otherwise, think, you only have 20 seconds (or 30, if you are lucky) to get out the answer. So quickly:

1. No. Not all Catholics go to heaven. Some who are in heaven are not Catholic.

2. Humans are a fallen race. They don’t have the right relationship with God and with others because it is wounded by sin. We need help.

3. Jesus is the Lord and the Savior, and all who are saved are saved in his name alone.

4. Jesus founded the Catholic Church and the Holy Spirit guides the Catholic Church. It is the normal, average, typical, usual, common, supernatural way to salvation.

5. Sadly, the unity of all believers in Jesus is wounded. However, whatever is true in other Christian Churches is helpful for salvation.

6. For those who through no fault of their own have had no encounter with Jesus and the Gospel, their conscience is the voice of God instructing them to choose the good and avoid the evil.

7. For all, salvation is the free gift of God. It cannot be earned or ever considered something God owes to us.

Reaction?  It apparently had no glaring errors and my new friend moved on to complain that the Church was not doing enough about the sexual abuse of children.  I promise to cover that topic soon.

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